First Impressions

by Anna Hewitt

First impressions of a city are soon forgotten.

Today I will walk down a street and not know what will be at the end of it. I won’t know where to take care over a broken concrete paver and where there will be an unexpected clearing with a treelined park. Slowly, slowly, this will change and I will stop noticing the big things and begin noticing the small things.

I am feeling somewhat daunted with the thought of finding a home, a job, friends in this new land. But at the same time, that is exactly what makes it exciting. Finding your new local morning coffee, bookshop, favourite running route, bar to drink a beer, the best place to eat dinner at night.

So, first impressions?  This city smells of flowering jasmine, Mexican food, coffee, urine, grass (both kinds) and sea breezes depending on where you walk. There is so much green and so many colourful houses. And wires. Everywhere. Crisscrossing and breaking up the blue of the sky. From my exploring so far, I think I will be happy to call this place home.