Roasting Summer

by Anna Hewitt

I don’t have a sweet tooth, I don’t crave cakes or cookies. In saying this, after dinner I often feel like I need a little something else. This generally comes in the form of a cup of tea and piece of dark chocolate, but has taken a new turn with all the stone fruit we have in our fridge.

Roasted peaches are easy. You put them in the oven and then magically come out sweet, gooey and a bit like thick jam half an hour later. They are perfect to have with natural yoghurt or vanilla ice cream, and when you sprinkle some goodies on top, they are one delightful pudding.


Roast Peaches

1 peach per person, white or yellow fleshed

On each, a sprinkling of
-coconut flakes
-vanilla seeds
-steel ground oats
-roughly chopped almonds
-honey/brown sugar

Simply cut the peaches in half, remove the stone and sprinkle with a combination of coconut, vanilla, almonds, oats and sugar. I personally don’t add the sugar as I think the peaches are sweet enough without it, but it is entirely up to you and your tastes. These are kind of like mini peach crumbles and if you have any left over, they are delicious cold as a snack.