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The Mill

If you are in San Francisco, I have one cafe you must go to. The Mill on Divisadero St, just around the corner from our apartment, and therefore, just around the corner from the Full House houses. It’s a win win situation.

It is home to Josey Baker Bread and  Four Barrel Coffee. The menu is simple- toast with a few different options on top. You can have home made nutella, cream cheese and cracked pepper. Sounds kind of boring… until you taste the bread. Wow. You can also get chocolate and sea salt cookies which will blow your mind.

The coffee is fantastic, the space is beautiful, the food is good. I feel very lucky to have this place as my local.





Gluten free? Not a chance.

And so the first weekend in our new city draws to a blustery and blue skied end. Most of it was taken up with the continued hunt for a place to live, but we managed to sample some of the best things the city has to offer. Bakeries. Really good ones.


1. The Mill

Beautiful clean space with fresh bread and good coffee. I had a Asian inspired sesame brioche and Ollie had sourdough toast with homemade nutella.

2. Craftsman and Wolves

Delicious rolls filled with salami, gherkins and mustard as well a whole cabinet of sweet treats I could not possibly have chosen from!

3. Tartine Bakery

The most incredibly light and buttery pastry made for a delicious pain au chocolat with raspberries. I can’t wait to go back for the toasted sandwiches they make.

Tonight? A very green spring minestrone soup for dinner. Maybe with some fresh bread…